About the artist

About the Artist

Kathleen R. Bates

Kathleen R. Bates is a physician and a self taught artist. Her watercolors of birds are  characterized by saturated, intense colors and a realistic, illustrative style after the tradition of  classical nature and botanical illustration, such as Audubon. Her oil landscapes, on the other  hand, are painted in the impressionistic style, and often en plain air as done by artists of the  18th and 19th century. Dr. Bates’ original paintings and prints are found in private collections  across the US and Europe.

 Dr. Bates grew up in Jupiter, Florida, which was at that time a tiny seaside village on the  southeast coast. A strong interest in nature, especially the plants and animals surrounding her  home developed in early childhood.

 Dr. Bates is also the author of the award-winning book “Christmas Birds: Art and Inspiration  for the Season and Beyond” and of the upcoming illustrated memoir “Childhood in Paradise:  Growing Up by the Sea.”

Childhood in Paradise: Growing Up by the Sea
Christmas Birds is an award-winning full color, 8.25 x 8.25 inch coffee table book. The linen fabric hardcover is stamped in gold foil and is encased in a full color dust jacket.
The book includes 112 pages featuring twenty- five original bird paintings and Christmas stories by Kathleen R. Bates.